Franca Masu

Hailing from Alghero, on the isle of Sardinia, singer Franca Masu is the prime representative of the Catalan cultural heritage of the region. Her rich and evocative style showcases a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements, making her one of the most tantalising and sultry voices in the Mediterranean. At the forefront of the cultural revival in Alghero, she draws her musical inspiration from various areas such as the rhythms of jazz, the saudade of fado, and the passion of tango. 



There is something radically feminine in the songs of Franca Masu, something welcoming, subterranean and visceral. This deeply Sardinian woman does not seem to produce notes when she sings, but rather it seems as if she brings them to the world, after having sensually conceived them crossing the earth, sea and the many stories of life. Her artistic training comes from jazz, and this imprint on the sound of her voice has remained; but over time it has grown into a very personal style. Choosing to sing not only in the Catalan language of Alghero, but also in Italian and Sardinian, she creates a fusion of very suggestive styles, making her a very original artist. Thanks to this artistic versatility and to her astounding interpretative skills, over time she has developed a skillful artistic interweaving between memory, poetry and emotions. Her voice meets the art of three great musicians who embrace, support and embellish her every note with sophisticated sounds: Luca Falomi on the guitars, Salvatore Maltana on double bass, and Fausto Beccalossi on the accordion, some of the leading names in European jazz. 
They are musicians who are open to contaminations and sensitivities that know how to hold close to tradition and make this artist, defined by critics as “the voice that embraces the seas” take flight. “The voice that embraces the seas...”