Gabacho Maroc

Afro, jazz, gnawa
In only 5 years of existence, Gabacho Maroc has already performed on the podiums of  over 200 festivals in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. Critics are never short of praise to describe the group’s highly original style, perhaps best summarized in the words of Patrick Duval, the Director of Hauts de Garonne Festival: “Dialogue among Western, African and Oriental instruments has rarely been engaged so beautifully. Borrowing from world music, jazz, and traditional Gnawa music, their repertoire is variegated, festive and refined. This project, with endless horizons, helps to revive the concept of fusion.” 
“True coherence, woven by listening and dialoguing with another fruitfully and 
creatively” - M&C LE SON DU MONDE
"All in all it's very well produced. Even with such a range of styles of songs" -FRoots
"The album suggests that they must be a solid live act... " ***SONGLINES

HAMID MOUMEN : lead Vocal / guembri 

AZIZ FAYET : lead vocal / oud / percussions 
FRÉDÉRIC FAURE : percussions / n’goni/ back vocals

ILLYES FERFERA : alto saxophone / back vocals
PIERRE CHERBERO : keyboards / back vocals

ANTOINE PERUT : bass / tenor saxophone