American Gospel Singers ALL GUESTS

Formed in 2000, the vocal group AMERICAN GOSPEL SINGERS is composed of renowned American performers. Each concert is a big gospel family reunion with an array of powerful voices!

They lead solo careers singing JAZZ, SOUL, RHYTHMN and BLUES, HOUSE and POP MUSIC for high-profile soirées, international tours and motion pictures. Certain vocalists sing with other gospel ensembles, such as Hearts Of Soul and Gospel For All. We call the American Gospel Singers an "all guest star" choir because certain singers are well known as artists in their own right, doing "featuring" spots on other artists' discs, singing alongside well-known stars for television appearances and even releasing their own solo records. Each of our singers has had his own remarkable career. 
For the American Gospel Singers troupe, gospel music has colored each of our lives since childhood, Providing an important spiritual base. God is at the center of all of our lives and He allows us to keep our feet on the ground while enjoying the success with which we have been blessed. It is a privilege for us
 to share these joyful moments and to spread the message, and each artist has his or her own personal interpretation of that message that is as individual as it is powerful