Luisa Sobral

Luisa Sobral began her recording career in 2011, after graduating with
flying colours from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Her first album, “The Cherry On My Cake” was an instant success in
Portugal. It remained at the top of the charts for many weeks and
quickly went platinum. Luisa, who immediately embarked on a
Portugal-wide tour, soon found that her fame was spreading overseas as
Her Spanish début took her to some of the country’s best-known events,
including the Barcelona Jazz Festival.
She went on to perform in numerous countries, including England,
France, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the USA,
Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Brazil. She
has been the support act for such top-drawer performers as Ute Lemper
(at the Union Chapel, in London) and Melody Gardot (at the London
Jazz Festival and throughout Melody’s German tour). Critics far and
wide have heaped praise on this Portuguese artist’s talent and she has
already won two Globos de Ouro (Portugal’s version of the Golden Globe
Awards) nominations and appeared on the near-mythical BBC 2 show
“Live... with Jools Holland".
Luisa Sobral tested out a new direction with her second album. She
made her sound more mature and complex, with crossovers from the
worlds of folk and indie music. This second album featured studio
collaborations with such renowned performers as Jamie Cullum,
António Zambujo and Mário Laginha. Her public once again took to
her work in droves and the album soon went gold. Luisa Sobral has
continued to carve out a niche on the international scene, underpinned
by a successful tour of Central Europe and an appearance at the historic
SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.
Having announced that she was expecting a child, Luisa made the
conscious decision to follow-up on her success with an album of
children’s music. "Lu-Pu-i-Pi-sa-Pa" went on sale in Autumn 2014 and
was an instant hit with the younger generation. Once again, her fans
repaid all her hard work and the album went gold, with the single “João”
playing its way into the hearts of millions of Portuguese.
After taking some time off to give birth, Luisa Sobral decided to try
something a little riskier. She invited the famous American producer
Joe Henry to work on her new album and challenged some of today’s
top jazz musicians, including Marc Ribot, Greg Leisz, Jay Bellerose,
Patrick Warren, David Piltch and Levon Henry, to come into the studio
with her. The sound on the album was crafted by Ryan Freeland, one of
the world’s most celebrated sound engineers. The result is "Luisa”,
which was immediately declared one of 2016's best albums by
Portuguese critics. Released at the end of last year, “Luisa” has
remained near the top of the charts ever since and is about to go gold.
The start of 2017 saw Luisa Sobral kick off a nationwide tour of some 40
dates, many of which were sold out. She has also performed abroad this
year, in Spain, Brazil and Holland. However, her crowning achievement
may well have been winning the Eurovision Song Contest. RTP had
invited her to compose a song for the Portuguese Song Festival. She
wrote “Amar Pelos Dois” (Love For Both), which she then gifted to her
brother, Salvador Sobral, to perform. This sister and brother
partnership was a huge success, easily winning the Portuguese
competition and then the European one. It was the first time Portugal
had ever won the Eurovision Song Contest and also the first time that
the European public had chosen a jazz tune as the winner. Not
surprisingly, Luisa and Salvador Sobral were inundated with invitations
to perform in many parts of the world.
Luisa is currently in the middle of her “Luisa” tour and she has a fairly
hectic schedule for the next few months.