Dirty Cello

The Blues Cello Christmas Show!
Starting with a bang and never stopping, Dirty Cello features the virtuosic cello stylings of Rebecca Roudman, one of the San Francisco bay area's most exciting cross-over cellists. Dirty Cello takes you on a wild tour of uptempo music featuring down home blues, Eastern- European dance music, a bit of bluegrass, and some classic rock.
With a truly unique voice, Dirty Cello presents a high energy performance of everything a cello can do. Having wowed audiences in numerous tours throughout the U.S., plus acting as cultural ambassadors to China and working the Europeon festival circuit, Dirty Cello has a unique voice that’s resonated around the world.
Please find rider, promo and more more info in the follwoing EPK http://dirtycello.wix.com/dirtycelloepk