Duo Sconcerto

Andrea Candeli (chitarra) & Matteo Ferrari (flauto)
Duo Sconcerto is a couple of skilled, histrionic and ironic musicians, gifted with an uncommon technical mastery. They are really able to turn every gig into an amazing and unique show. Their performance ability and harmony come both from a longstanding collaboration and an intense and impressive musical activity, not only in Italy, but also abroad. The Duo’s repertoire ranges from Mozart to Astor Piazzolla, including Ennio Morricone, Irish Folk, Barbiere di Siviglia ouverture and Carmen by Bizet. Andrea Candeli and Matteo Ferrari don’t see their qualities of classicfirmness, artistic maturity and musical expertise as a fixed pattern, but as an opportunity to look for conscious improvisation that will never be dull. On the contrary their performance will always be rich in extremely pleasant and unpredictable tunes. Duo Sconcerto has performed in several valuable places including Petruzzelli Theatre in Bari, Royal House in Caserta,Sala Nervi in Città del Vaticano,Bibbiena Theatre in Mantua, Fondazione Cini in Venice, Pitti Palace in Florence and in many Universities, as well. They also work together with several popular artists such as Ugo Pagliai, Ivano Marescotti, David Riondino, Fabio Testi, Vito and Vanessa Gravina.Finally Duo Sconcerto cooperated with Dario Fo and Luciano Ligabue, played with Andrea Griminelli and has recently opened one of Andrea Bocelli’s concerts.