In the dialect from Sardinia, a beautiful and wild Italian island covered by Mediterranean bushes, mountains and surrounded by one of the most beautiful sea of the world, the word ANDHIRA is connected to a travelling life conception, a kind of cultural nomadism related to the legend of a city.
In the stories of the elderly people there once was a sea-side village founded on the southern coast of Sardinia, rich and beautiful. But one day the pirates arrived, captured and destroyed all they found and force the survivors away, in a eternal research of a new place to live in. People departing sang an adage who’s refrain was “Andhira” and from that day, Andhira means migration, movement of people.

the name ANDHIRA perfectly suites this group of artist for whom, the reference to a particular music gender, is definitely too tight.
ANDHIRA is constituted by 3 female voices, a percussionist player and a piano player. Additionally, ANDHIRA, often, thanks to its caravan spirit, welcomes musicians met along its way.
the resultant of this attitude is a kind of musical nomadism where, on the basis of the research on popular traditional music, springs a creative journey rich of traditional tunes rearrangements and, more often, of new pieces, whose origin is difficult to be found.

5 years after the critically acclaimed firts cd Sotto il vento e le vele, Andhira is about to realese Natikirando, a journey into the poetry orf the Meditteranean music with exceptional collaborations and guests such as Nobel Candidate MarciaTheofili, that co-wrote some of the lyrics of the album.

LINE UP: Luca Nulchis on piano, Elena Nulchis, Egidiana Carta and Elisa Zedda as singers