Kocani Orkestar

Gypsy Brass Band
The Koçani Orkestar hails from the town of… Koçani, and was founded by trumpet player Naat Veliov. As showcased in "l'Orient est rouge", the band's original repertoire was based on Gypsy tunes from various parts of the Balkans and on Turkish/Bulgarian rhythms, with a sprinkle of Latin flavour. Koçani Orkestar have also been championed by artists as diverse as Balkan Beat Box and Cibelle, and have had tracks remixed/reinterpreted by prominent artists in the fields of world music, electronic and rock music (from Señor Coconut, Animal Collective, Lightning Head and Susheela Raman to Mercan Dede, Smadj and Buscemi), all of which helped them gain a wider audience, as did the inclusion of one of their tracks in the soundtrack to the movie Borat. The Koçani Orkestar's latest album is "The Ravished Bride". It contains romantic and epic love songs exploring new directions in Balkan pop, and a series of exciting instrumental pieces leaning towards what could be described as '60s spy movie themes or surf music. Koçani Orkestar have performed at many major world music festivals around the world. They have collaborated with Italian singer Vinicio Capossella, with jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu, and with Taraf de Haïdouks, who invited them to Bucharest to perform on their Band Of Gypsies live album.