Les Tambours de Brazza

On tour upon request

thered around the drummer Emile Biayenda for 25 years, Les Tambours de Brazza form a group of percussionists with bare hands and off-road and top-level musicians. These 10 men play polyrhythmic and vocal music in an instinctive and dancing encounter, worthy of the Brazzaville street in the Republic of the Congo, with a vibrant and modern rhythm. On stage or on record, the masters of the drums and singers immediately trigger a rhythm that transports you. With them, a reggae griot singer, a bass player from Madagascar, a guitarist-traveler and a drummer-conductor join. Ancestral motifs open to the public with the amplitude of the sound of a large stage. The men's voices respond to the Ngoma *, the traditional Congolese drum, which flies from the belts. Men challenge each other, imitating peaceful games. The climate is the fever that heals, that of the universal language of the drum. The voices of the Brač drums are expressed in Kongo *, the Central African language with 60 dialects, the name of their latest album released in 2018. We have fun, dance, sing in chorus, the body becomes independent and the spirit is at the party. This spirit is a breath, that of a new generation, that of the new Africa, which has grown between western musical culture and the immemorial traditional language of rhythm. The awakening of the African scene is heard today both in electronic music evenings, as in jazz concerts and in current music festivals. Director Emile Biayenda had to leave Congo in crisis in 97 when he had just started the battery group from Brac in seminars in the districts of Brazzaville. He now resides in Angoulême, the hometown of the Métis Music Festival, which has welcomed him as a friend. He continues to transmit the knowledge he has accumulated by teaching in the Congo. It is his way of accompanying the long gestation in pain that his country is going through with changing values.