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Barbara Oliva

Barbara Oliva

She lives in Modena, in Itaca - a project of Cohausing in a house built with bio-construction resources -  with a cat & a teenager son.

She graduated in economics and business after studying languages ​​in high school, adoring volleyball and music, her long-time love, singing in an African-American choir.

After a master's degree in events organization and a thesis for Survival International on the music of indigenous peoples, she  worked 15 years for some primary booking agencies, also taking care about tour management and production. In 2015, following a profitable and entertaining chat with Luisa during a shared business trip, she decided that it was time to start her own business and start a collaboration with Vertigomusic.

She loves travelling, cinema, music, she is not a big housewife but loves to open her home to good friends, go to the mountains and walk.

She met shiatsu by chance and made it her passion, adding, recently, also the practice of yoga and meditation.

Luisa Parrelli

Luisa Parrelli
Ceo & Booking Agent

She lives in a house by the river, with her husband and 2 kids.

She graduated in Ancient Literature at Università Statale in Milan while devoting lots of time to music, learning it as a musician (Classical & Folk Guitar, Piano) and spending countless afternoons staring at the ceiling while the turntable played black, folk and rock music.

After a degree master in Events Creation and Management, thousands of miles following musicians as tour manager and several booking and management experiences with major Italian booking Agencies, she founded her own company, Vertigo Music.

She lived in New York and Sydney, traveled and travels constantly and had the chance to meet fantastic people from all over the world.

Since she was a young girl, she loves to write and to read. Her idols are Natalia Ginzburg, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell.

She is a food enthusiast and loves to bake her own bread.