Franca Masu

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Hailing from Alghero, on the isle of Sardinia, singer Franca Masu is the prime representative of the Catalan cultural heritage of the region. Her rich and evocative style showcases a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements, making her one of the most tantalising and sultry voices in the Mediterranean. At the forefront of the cultural revival in Alghero, she draws her musical inspiration from various areas such as the rhythms of jazz, the saudade of fado, and the passion of tango. 

Cordemar New Album
Franca Masu is among the most evocative, fascinating and precious voices in the Mediterranean. She herself likes to think of herself as "a voice traveling. Far away, where the sea ends and the voice is everything".
But for an artist it is always difficult to describe what one is, and even more so to imagine the feelings that emerge in others trying to peer into their soul. It is always she who states:
- It is preferable to think that within each of us there is a sound and it is precisely through that vibration that we can try to tell what is hidden in our deepest self to try, through the suggestion of music and the emotion of sounds, to reveal at least a part of what we are or who knows, maybe manifest ourselves for what others see in us -.
There is something radically feminine in Franca Masu's song, that is, something welcoming, underground and visceral. This deeply Sardinian woman, singing, does not seem to produce notes, rather she seems to bring them into the world, after having sensually conceived them by crossing land, sea and life stories.
All this meets in her new album CORDEMAR. 
CORDEMAR means entering the folds of an authentic story, of a sound diary, as if to immerse yourself in the depths - both physical and metaphorical - of a liquid state, always in motion, which changes, which changes color and temperature.

Franca Masu (vocals), Sade Mangiaracina (piano), Salvatore Maltana (double bass)
Massimo Russino (drums)