Joe Barbieri

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Joe Barbieri is a fascinating anomaly. An outsider who outside the industry's track has been able to build a personal path and which has succeeded in the rare result of conveying the genuine appreciation of colleagues, critics and the audience.
He  released 5 albums of original songs so far ("In Parole Povere" 2004, "Maison Maravilha" 2009, "Respiro" 2012, "Cosmonauta Da Appartamento" 2015 and "Origami" 2017), as well as a live cd + dvd ("Maison Maravilha Viva" 2010) recorded at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and and two albums dedicated to his heroes in vocal jazz: Chet Baker ("Chet Lives!"2013), and Billie Holiday ("Dear Billie” 2019).
His music (sold in tens of thousands of copies) is released in many countries of the world, and his personal stylistic code - which links the pop to jazz to world music - has led him over the years to collaborate with colleagues in each of these musical genres (from Omara Portuondo to Stefano Bollani, from Stacey Kent to Luz Casal, from Jorge Drexlerto Hamilton De Holanda) and to play on some of the most prestigious stages on the planet.
Joe Barbieri is one the most appreciated Italian authors, and he has often preferred women's voices as interpreters of his songs over the years.

Projects 2020

“THE GUITAR AND THE VOICE” (Joe Barbieri solo show)

The feeling is very nearly unanimous that Joe Barbieri’s music is so intrinsically his own: his songs’ vibrant pulse and personality are beyond doubt the acknowledged hallmark of this artist, who at each performance on stage virtually rewrites his own music every time, liberally interacting with his loyal and devoted audience.
In “The Guitar And The Voice”, Barbieri reverses his repertoire, almost taking it back to the initial spark with which he shaped it, pen and paper in hand – because yes, Joe Barbieri is one of those artists who still writes with pen and paper. The result is bewitching and beguiling, and those with a sensitive soul will find it hard to break free from its spell.

JOE BARBIERI - "DEAR BILLIE…” (A letter to Billie Holiday)
Joe Barbieri, guitar & vocals | Gabriele Mirabassi, clarinet | Pietro Lussu, piano |Luca Bulgarelli, double bass

Joe Barbieri’s tribute to Billie Holiday starts off and unfolds like a letter, like an imperative confession. And this incipit carries a great deal of the vital spark, suggestion and intention that inspirit each step of this secular celebration in honor of the sad queen of Philadelphia.
The ties that bind Joe to Billie no doubt lie in a certain intimate suffering, in a scar on the soul that permeate – even in their incomparable distance – the two artists’ voices, bringing them closer together, binding them, uniting them in a way. 
“Two pillars of jazz have forged me, more than any other:” – explains Barbieri – “Chet Baker and Billie Holiday. To the first I dedicated, a few years ago, an album called “Chet Lives!”; I still owed a debt of gratitude to Lady Day, which, with this project, I hope not so much to extinguish (that is impossible) but at the very least to sublimate. As a kid, listening to Billie’s songs allowed me to enter into a “different” emotional dimension, it gave me access to a range of sensations that were already mine even though I wasn’t yet aware of it. And thanks to her, thanks to her way of singing to the world, I felt understood, watched over, forgiven.” 
Throwing their weight behind this private story, three other bigshots of the Italian jazz scene: Luca Bulgarelli on the double bass, Pietro Lussu on the piano and Gabriele Mirabassi on the clarinet, who, with artful measure and immense intensity, bring about the right sonorous framework for pieces like “I’m A Fool To Want You”, “The Very Thought Of You” or “You’ve Changed” – to name but a few – in which Barbieri’s oneiric and suggestive voice can move freely and incisively, in this very personal and vibrant letter of his to Billie.

Joe Barbieri, vocals, guitar | Antonio Fresa, piano | Daniele Sorrentino. double bass | Bruno Marcozzi, percussions

Any attempt to find a term to define Joe Barbieri’s art form would fall short in describing all of its inherent nuances, whether musical, prosaical, literary, linguistic or auditory.
And not only because Barbieri’s music harks back to the greatest italian and french songwriters, as well to jazz and the bossa nova, but because everyone of his songs encapsulates a perfectly-formed universe in which attention to every detail has been given for the purpose of achieving spontaneous beauty.
While each one of his songs is, in its own right, an autonomous and perfectly formed composition, each one is also linked inexorably to the next, and the next one still, fitting in with the whole to make up an impalpable, complex tapestry of an elegant and poetic thought process, which was constructed with dedication over a period of years, like an immense Origami.
Together with pianist Antonio Fresa and double-bassist Daniele Sorrentino and the percussionist Bruno Marcozzi, Joe Barbieri takes his listeners on a light-hearted voyage, told with a delicate sensitivity aligned to our most inner sensibilities, in which each person in the audience can connect with an instance of nostalgia, a memory, a sensation or simply a moment of daily life.