Duke Fisher Heritage Singers

Duke Fisher Heritage Singers
Available from Dec. 15th to 31st 2018

Nathaniel Fisher Musical Director

Multi - gifted of diverse singers with dynamic vocal abilities creating pop, jazz, soul, R&B, classical and spirituals into fusions of musical art. Under the auspicious of artistic director Nathaniel Fisher, the Duke Fisher Singers has been an inspiration to all listening audiences. Entertaining for both primary and secondary audiences including:

Barry Manilow “One Last Time” (Concert 2015)
J. D. Fowler Multi Media Net Work.“Thank God for Mamma” (stage play) 
East Point First Mallalieu UMC Annual Community Christmas Concert (2009 – 2017)
Bishop J. D. Fowler “God’s Gift” Christmas Cantata and Stage Play.(2017)

Duke Fisher Heritage Singers continues to inspire all audiences on the platform of musical art. Their musical admirations have deemed them as one of Atlanta’s esteemed musical groups.  

LINE UP: 3 voices and another one at the piano