New, Energetic, Improvisative, borders crossing Music from Poland
VOŁOSI's music is inimitable and incomparable. Truly extraordinary to create something so new and fresh today' - Musical Cracow. 

VOŁOSI's record is not only a monument in the realm of Polish music, but of all of Eastern Europe. A string quintet of astonishing virtuosity, Volosi creates a magical and accessible fusion of classical and traditional Carpathian music, imbued with melancholic melody and the scent of Eastern Europe'  - World Music Charts Europe.

The critics universally agree that VOŁOSI have managed to achieve a unique and original musical style, escaping categorization. By exceeding the limits of string instruments they create music that can be described as thoroughly modern and attractive for contemporary listener – growing out of the Carpathian roots, but also bearing marks of jazz improvisation charged with rock energy and full swing of emotional content. 
This phenomenon brings VOŁOSI praise among big rock festival audiences, as well as highly prestigious concert hall attenders, world music lovers and royal family members.
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The VOŁOSI’s debut in 2010 at the ‘New Tradition’ Festival yielded all possible awards. In 2011 they confirmed their success by winning Grand Prix Svetozar Stracina for the best piece in the ‘world music’ category in Europe, in the contest organized by the European Broadcasting Union. 
In 2012 their first album entered the special World Charts Europe TOP20 selection. 

Since than VOŁOSI have constantly been on tour. All over the world they meet with spontaneous enthusiasm of the audience, and gain very positive critics’ reviews. Their concerts have been broadcasted by the 2 and 3 Programs of the Polish Radio, the BBC and the German WDR3. 
In 2016 the band won Grand Prix Czech Music Crossroads Award at Colours of Ostrava Festival. 
The VOŁOSI have collaborated with such artists and ensembles as: Mateusz Pospieszalski, Marek Moś and AUKSO Ensemble, Adam Klocek, the legendary Niaz Diasamidze, French group Lo’jo and Norwegian Moldestad Trio. 

In the summer of 2023, Volosi unveiled his new album, released on 30 March 2023, entitled '200 Weeks Ago', a work in which the links between traditional and contemporary music are deepened even further, recorded in an abandoned farmhouse in the Polish Carpathians to ensure that all sounds resonate with the atmosphere from which the compositions originate.

"[VOŁOSI] is really in top form on this new album and offers an overwhelming listening experience. Enjoy global music without boundaries' - Jan Willem Broek, De Subjectivisten

"Playing fast, in musical terms, is the classical upbringing that makes it easier for musicians to achieve the phenomenon that it is, to sound controlled and not 'disappear' by centrifugal forces into the spatial musical abyss....
Playing slow on the contrary, it is primarily the profound knowledge of the heritage of the origins of folk traditions that musicians can control and lyrically master the centripetal musical force. I witnessed and admired those VOLOSI skills in a live radio recording in Budapest and I can never forget it. "200 Weeks Ago" and especially "Pendulum" are another perfect example. They just keep getting better and better!" -  Giorgos Markakis ERT- Radio / Channel 3 - Greece

"200 Weeks Ago is an album that immediately grabs you by the throat and then gets better and better - an addictive record. You have been warned!" - Holly Moors, Moors Magazine