Sergio Cammariere is a complete composer, always surprising, full of humanity and still able of being touched by the power of music. An elegant figure from older days, a creative soul that keeps evolving and searching new skies destined to leave its mark in the best songwriting music.
Sergio Cammariere, born in Crotone in 1960, pianist recognized for his talent and engaging interpreter, draws his inspiration both from the great school of Italian music and from South American sounds, from classical music and from the great masters of jazz.
He has composed numerous soundtracks for some films, such as "Quando eravamo repressi" and "Teste rasate".
In 1997 he took part in the Tenco Prize, capturing the attention of critics and audiences and the Jury of the event unanimously awarded him the IMAIE Prize for best musician and interpreter of the Festival. In 2003, Sergio Cammariere participated in the Sanremo Festival with Tutto quello che un uomo, a song considered revolutionary for the Ariston stage. His second participation in the Sanremo Festival is in 2008, where with L'amore non si spiega, he dedicates a beautiful tribute to bossa nova, also dueting with Gal Costa, one of the most beautiful and important voices of the Brazilian song.
In addition to the "historical" nucleus, Fabrizio Bosso, Olen Cesari, Luca Bulgarelli and Amedeo Ariano over the years have collaborated with him both in live concerts and in the realization of the albums, as many high profile and international musicians: Arthur Maya, Jorginho Gomez , Michele Ascolese, Javier Girotto, Bruno Marcozzi, Simone Haggiag, Sanjay Kansa Banik, Gianni Ricchizzi, Stefano Di Battista, Bebo Ferra, Roberto Gatto, Jimmy Villotti.
In February 2018 he participates in the Sanremo Festival, guest of Nina Zilli in the fourth evening dedicated to the duets with the song "without belonging". In the same year Cammariere composed the original music for Cosimo Damiano Damato's docu-film "Prima che il gallo canti"- "Il Vangelo secondo Andrea"  (a spiritual testament of Don Andrea Gallo on a journey through Italian music) in which there is also a new version of the famous song "Dalla pace del mare lontano" whose videoclip, in cartoon version, is awarded at the "Roma Videoclip"; he also composes the music for the short film "Apri le labbra" by Eleonora Ivone (best soundtrack at the Festival of the short Black Silk Tulips) and for the film "Il banchiere anarchico" by Giulio Base. In May 2019, the tenth album of Sergio Cammariere, "La fine di tutti i guai", produced by Giandomenico Ciaramella for Jando Music, Sergio Cammariere for Grandeangelo SRL and Aldo Mercurio in co-production with Parco della Musica Records and distributed by Egea, is released. He received the award for best soundtrack at the international LIAFF festival in Calcutta for the film "Twelve minutes of rain".