Edipo Re: Oltre la Fine, la Città Nuova


A meeting that includes Theatre, Ideas and Music, between an actrice, two musicians and a Greek historian as narrator. Lucilla Giagnoni and Fiammetta Fazio, accompanied by live music rendered by Luca Nulchis and Egidiana Carta ( Carovana Smi).

King Oedipus is a thriller; one of the most resounding and successful thrillers in the history of literature., which has fascinated readers and listeners for 25 centuries.Oedipus, the leading character, unravels the mystery step by step and resolves the enigma that holds in hostage his citizenship; a plot complicated by destiny, passion and man’s choice. Man and his impotence against an immovable force, but also his ability to choose, are focal points of this tragedy by Sophocles.

Lucilla Giagnoni, together with Fiammetta Fazio and two extraodinary musicians Luca Nulcis and Edigiana Carta, interpret the story of this thriller, which is contained in a dialogue, conference and performance that has the aim of encouraging us to reflect on such things as individual responsability, what politics are, what a city represents and being able to see further than this.

It begins with the end of Giovanni’s apocalypse, in which one can immagine the city as a perfect place for man to manifest completely his intelligence, happiness and humanity, set in Athens of the fifth century until today. A “ dialogue “ interspersed with music from Edigiana Carta and Luca Nulchis who intended to re-create the atmosphere of the antique Greek tragedy chorus, which became the motivation for participating and reflecting on the sense of responsability, on the value of politics as an ethical instrument, on the significance of human action and of the consequences of the actions of those who govern us have on society.

"A dialogue that is still dramatically relevant in our time." (Alessandra Levantesi, Cultural Office Sant'Elpidio A Mare Cultural Concil)

"An unforgetable evening; informative, involving and moving in a ciceronian sense.I believe that anyone who did not know Oedipus before, will have learnt much, and the experts can only declare themselves satisfied because the everlasting message of Sophocles has been made relevant" (Giovanna Albi, writer and Hellenist)