The Voices of Victory

The Christmas Show!

Perfect Harmony began in 1992, and is comprised of a mother; Jennifer Ingram, and her two daughters, Chrystol & Nicole. This family has always had a love for music, especially Chrystol & Nikkie, as Nicole is also called.

Being inspired by female singing groups like The Clark Sisters, The Pace Sisters, En Vogue, SWV, Mary Mary & many others; with her encouragement, Jennifer’s girls formed singing the sensation The Ingram Sisters.
Initially Jennifer managed the group thinking it would be better for her daughters to advance their talents in music.

In 1989 they all were blessed to meet a powerful woman of God who spoke into their lives and declared the establishment of the group, the mother and her daughters singing together. Evang. Christine McGlothine-Moore, not only foretold this but gave the group many opportunities to share their singing gifts as she traveled ministering throughout the U.S. in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, West Palm Beach, and many others.
In 2002, the mother and daughter team officially united to form what has been called Perfect Harmony. Their name not only describes their unique harmonic blend, but the lives each member strives to live. Understanding that living passionately for your purpose will drive you to perfection; these young ladies pursue towards the destiny God has ordained for them.
Perfect Harmony walked through many great door; sharing the stage with such artist as Trini-tee 5:7, Ron Kenoly, Martha Munizzi, Stellar Award Nominee Elder Jimmy Hicks, and Stellar Award Nominee Dana Mackey. Since appearing on the TV show Celebration of Praise, the group has made great strides in gospel music.

The release of their sophomore album; Perfect Harmony: The Next Level, on the Chrystol Clear Coundz record label, created a demand for the group to be played on nationally syndicated radio and many other supportive radio stations.
This album’s release also brought Perfect Harmony recognition and nominations by the South Florida Gospel Music Awards for best new gospel group of the year, best gospel trio, and best new artist. The group has ministered in concerts, musicals, stage play productions and churches in and out of the state of Florida. In 2009, the trio sang at Super Bowl XLIII with national recording phenomena Faith Hill. They also make regular appearances with the international singing ensemble, Angelic Voices of Praise, at the Orlando House of Blues for the Sunday Gospel Brunch.

Perfect Harmony sang at Disney World as part of a month long Christmas Celebration, featuring the world re-known Harlem Gospel Choir of New York. This momentous endeavor was the longest running gospel/Christian performance in the company’s history. While at Disney, Perfect Harmony performed with national recording star Jessica Simpson for the ABC Christmas Day Parade. Perfect Harmony has toured throughout Europe with the Harlem Gospel Choir for the Night of the Proms concerts featuring IL Novencento; the international 56 member orchestra. Members of the group sang with Robin Gibb (The Bee Gees), The Simple Minds, Sinead O’Connor, and Kim Wilde. As part of the tour Chrystol & Nicole made an appearance on the De Laaste Show (the American equivalent to the Late Show) in Brussels, Belgium (which can be found on YouTube). Keep this group of talented, anointed, and dedicated young ladies in your prayers as they tour taking the message of gospel to the world through their music.

Perfect Harmony’s recent evolution and expansion included teaming up with a group of extremely talented individual gospel artists to form The Voices of Victory. Together, these vocal power houses create a gospel choir that will literally shake the very foundation of any cathedral! With their melodic sounds blended perfectly together, topped with high energy, dancing and vocal acrobatics, you will not be able to stop praising with this incredibly amazing group! You will have a musical experience like no other as Perfect Harmony introduces The Voices of Victory!