gospel, jazz & world - booking & management

Professional by Passion

Vertigo Music was founded in 2006 with the mission to supply great professionalism to musicians and promoters in their live music activity. We believe that making live music is a huge responsibility and want to make it the best way, giving equal importance to artists, promoters and audience. We like to think ourselves as "memories builders" since we know that enjoying an excellent live performance can be a life changing event and something that will be fixed in your mind forever. 

We have booked thousands of shows and played the best venues in Italy and vicinity.

Our artists are usually represented on exclusively, ranging from pop to world music, soul, punk and gospel. We proudly represent living legends like Billy Cobham and Tomatito. But our eye is on the future and we constanlty promote new talents, like Carmen Souza, Carminho, Volosi, Kardemimmit, Luisa Sobral or Adnan Joubran.

We truly like gospel music and have an awesome USA gospel roster, but ocassionally we fall in love with special projects, such as the amazing encounter of Music, Theatre and Philosophy Aedipus Rex: The New View.

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Vertigo music è membro dell'Associazione Manager Agenti Musicali Italiani