Teresa Parodi is a living legend of argentinian music, a poet, an activist and a politician.
Her first steps in music and song started in the province of Corrientes - Argentina, being very young, when she joined the Corrientes Folk Orchestra and later became the solo singer.
In 1979, the world known argentinian tango musician, Astor Piazzola, called her to join his quintet after seeing her in a concert, when she was 31 years old. Together they tour around several cities in Argentina.
The same year, she moved to Buenos Aires and started to give presentations which ended up with her consecrating performance at the emblematic “Cosquin” National Festival in 1984.
Throughout her long career, she has performed in festivals and music theatres around the world. 
She has also shared stages and recording sessions with many artists from all genres and generations,  from Astor Piazzolla to Mercedes Sosa, Pablo Milanés, Sara Gonzalez, Amparo Ochoa, Victor Heredia, León Gieco, Ramona 
Galarza, Liliana Herrero, Pedro Aznar, Peteco Carabajal, Chango Farias Gomez, Antonio Tarragó Ross, Tosca, Nano Stern, Ana Prada, Marta Gomez, Cecilia Todd and the list goes on.

Her latest album, ”Retrato de familia” (Familiy Portrait), is a new step in her ceaseles musical growth. Here, she approaches folk genres from different cultural regions of Argentina, providing them a wide spectrum of new sounds and compositional twits. 
It has garnered the best reviews due to its musical quality and innovative arrangements. This new approach makes her new album one of her most accomplished pieces of  work. 
In 2023, she was invited to share stage with the Italian singer, Tosca, who gave three highly successful concerts in the cities of Buenos Aires, Bahía Blanca y Córdoba.
Nowadays, she finds herself working on her latest album, “Retrato de familia” 
(Family Portrait) which will be soon released in Buenos Aires.