Tiago sings Vinicious
On tour,  Trio with the project 'Tiago sings Vinicious' autumn 2023 - winter 2024

In the year that Vinicius de Moraes' 110th birthday is celebrated, Tiago Nacarato presents his digital series live in late 2021. 
The Portuguese-Brazilian artist revisits the repertoire of one of the greatest artists in the history of Brazilian music, accompanied by Diogo Brito e Faro (guitar) and Michael Silva;(percussion). Vinicius de Moraes began writing poetry at the age of 9 and composed his first songs at 15. 
He was already known as a poet and lyricist when his musical career took a quantum leap after he started collaborating with Tom Jobim. More than 50 compositions of Brazilian popular music were recorded in the 1960s. He co-wrote songs that became MPB anthems, such as Garota de Ipanema (composed with Tom Jobim), Samba de Bênção (with Baden Powell), Happiness (with A. Michel, Anne Rachel, Tom Jobim and Demoraes) and Chega de Saudade (also with Tom Jobim). 

In this very special concert, Tiago Nacarato will interpret these and other Vinicio themes, filling the room with his unmistakable voice and those sad tropical rhythms so characteristic of samba and bossa nova.

Tiago Nacarato is one of the most accomplished singers in Portuguese music. At the age of eighteen, he decided to invest in his musical training, enrolling in the Valentim de Carvalho Music School. At this time, the first opportunities presented themselves and Pedro Cardoso (Peixe of Ornatos Violeta), his teacher, invited him to join an orchestra. The return to his Brazilian roots comes a few years later, when he joins as a vocalist in the Orquestra Bamba Social, a project that brings together Portuguese-Brazilian musicians who pay homage to MPB classics, re-adapting them with new sounds.

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With Lugar Comun, his debut album released in October 2019, he performed on the stages of some of the biggest festivals in Brazil, such as MEO Marés Vivas, NOS Alive or Festival F, also in the wake of the huge international success of the single A Dança. 
For Tiago Nacarato, music only makes sense if it reaches the audience, his own and others. In this context, during the pandemic, the Casulo project emerged, in which he took on the role of curator, helping to promote the work of seven artists, through seven episodes and seven concerts in his city, Oporto. 

Thanks to his timbre, technique and extraordinary melodious voice, Tiago Nacarato has brought a breath of fresh air to the current music scene. This is certainly due to his being a stranger to fast-consumption music. His essential style elegantly blends elements of tradition and contemporary sound experiments, giving the ear a unique listening experience. The simplicity with which he presents himself to the public, accompanying himself with his inseparable guitar, leaves the listener captivated by such suggestive 'purity'. 

He hit the international music headlines in 2017, when everyone still remembers his touching vocal and guitar rendition of Vinícius de Moraes and Toquinho's Onde Anda Você on Portuguese TV, whose video immediately went viral with almost 30 million views on YouTube. Today, in his early thirties, Tiago Nacarato is not only a star in his home country but also one of the most internationally recognised and appreciated names with tours in Europe and overseas. After bewitching audiences with his debut album Lugar Comum (2019), which included the two highly successful singles A Dança and Tempo, the latter a duet with another Portuguese music star Salvador Sobral, in May this year Tiago Nacarato released his second unreleased album, Peito Aberto, that bridges Latin and African cultures, with a touch of world music, full of emotions, dancing rhythms, songs with poetic and touching lyrics, born from personal suggestions or inspired by social, political, economic themes.
This album gained him the Andrea Parodi Award for Albo D'Oro (Golden Album) in 2022.