Roberta Di Mario is an Italian composer and pianist, artistic director and curator of music festivals.

Roberta has graduated with the highest honours and honourable mention from the Parma Conservatory, today she is known as a neoclassical musician. 
She is a composer in a world of composers and leaves nothing outside of her creative world: theatre, musicals, jazz, pop, ambient, and soundtracks create her unique and special style.

She made her debut in 2011, with her first album Tra il tempo e la distanza (Alfa Music), followed by Lo stato delle Cose (Irma Records) with the collaboration of producer Pietro Cantarelli: a double project that includes the two artistic souls into different CDs: songs and A walk on the piano side.
In the same year, she composed Hands, a soundtrack for the docufilm Living the world of Botero, played at the international Exhibition of Botero in Italy and Japan and opened the Indian Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale with India the revealed mysteries.
In December 2016, she was involved in a series of concerts in New York City hosted by the Italian Consulate for the event Meet the new Italian Music Artist in NY.

In 2017, she released Illegacy, her latest unpublished album released by Warner Music Italia.
In 2018 she is involved in a series of solo piano concerts, around Italy and Europe, including Bologna, Taormina, Arezzo, Milan, Pantelleria and D├╝sseldorf, she took part in Piano City Milan as official pianist of Radio Monte Carlo , she is a guest at Il Tempo delle donne an important festival at the Milan Triennale and at the Steinway Piano Festival in Cremona.

In May, will be released the new single entitled Leda and the Swan that anticipates the release of the new concept album Disarm for Warner Classic, scheduled for autumn 2019.

The Disarm Tour, before being interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, toured many cities, including Rome, Florence, Parma, Milan and Oslo, and opened 2020 with a performance at Milan's famous Blue Note club. In September 2020 he composed the soundtrack for the Sky event and TV format Il Verde e il Blu and played on stage at the Festival of the same name at the BAM Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan.

Roberta Di Mario is a Steinway artist.

Music formations: piano solo, piano duo, piano trio, piano quartet