Ebbanesis (Viviana & Serena)

A web phenomenon, but with a lot of musical essence; in June 2017 the Ebbanesis duo was born online, formed by Viviana Cangiano and Serena Pisa. Two voices and a guitar which appear on Facebook with intriguing performances of classic Neapolitan songs but also famous rock songs sung in Neapolitan dialect; for example there is the classic Neapolitan song called Carmela, which has exceeded 400,000 views, but above all there is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, which goes beyond 2,000,000 of views, a real media sensation.

The Ebbanesis Facebook page counts over 300,000 followers from all over the world.

Many concert requests come from Italy but also from France, Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Sweden. In these foreign countries the Ebbanesis have successfully performed in the cities of Santa Lucia (Femin'arte Corsica), Munich (Gasteig – KleinerKonzertsaal), Moscow (Teatrium), Stockholm (Italian Cultural Institute), Palácio de Cristal (Porto ), Centro Cultural of Belém (Lisbon) and Riyadh, where two European women took to the stage for a public performance for the first time ever. 
On 24 January 2020, Soundfly label released their second album Transleit, named after their new show, a summary of their virtuosity and repertoire recorded in the Auditorium Novecento in Naples, one of the oldest recording studios in Europe. Massimo Ranieri wanted them to be regular guests in the "Qui e adesso" tv show, broadcasted by Rai3, where they interacted with Arturo Brachetti in a magical performance of sounds and images; Stefano Bollani has sung with them in his “Via dei Matti n. 0” tv show broadcasted by Rai3; Stefano De Martino dedicated to them a whole episode of "Bar Stella" tv show broadcasted by Rai2.
Transleit 2.0